Research Occupational Health Program

Program Description

The University of Minnesota requires that all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers who work with animals enroll and participate in the Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP). ROHP consists of training requirements and medical requirements, which are assigned based on the species of animal to which you are exposed and the type of work you do.

How do I enroll in ROHP?

  • If you are a researcher, ROHP enrollment is based on being added to a research protocol. If you work for RAR or FM, your supervisor will send our office an enrollment request.
  • Once you are enrolled in ROHP, you will be notified of requirements via email. You can log in to the OHS Portal at any time to check the status of these requirements on your portal page.

How do I complete these requirements?

ROHP training

  • You will find links to your required training topics on your portal page.The training itself is hosted in ULearn.
  • Tracking of your training completion is automatic and will appear in your central training record and on your ULearn transcript.

ROHP medical requirements

  • Animal Exposure Questionnaire (AEQ) must be renewed every three years. You can complete the AEQ online at (this link is also included in your OHS Portal in the Medical Requirements tab). Questions? Contact us at
  • Proof of tetanus immunization is due every ten years. If you have had a tetanus immunization in the last ten years, you do not need to do another. Please see instructions for sending your information.
  • Other medical requirements, such as rabies vaccination or tuberculosis testing, may be required based on the species with which you work. There's more information here.
  • Need to make an appointment? Visit our Clinical Services page for instructions.


Information for visiting researchers, volunteers, and others can be found here.

For Principal Investigators

Adding Persons of Interest (visitors) to Studies
ROHP Surveillance Requirements


For Research Occupational Health Program questions, please contact or 612-626-5008.