Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Instructions

You have been assigned certain medical requirements because of your work in the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at the University. Please complete your requirements as soon as possible.

Required Immunizations and tests

Please fax a copy of an official clinic record, international immunization card, or record from an official state immunization database to 612-626-9643, University Health and Safety—Occupational Health's (UHS-OH) confidential, secure fax.

To authorize your health care provider to release your immunization history to UHS-OH, fill out the Authorization for the Release of Health Information and send it to your health care provider. Do not send this form to UHS-OH. Please note that some providers may take 2 weeks or more to respond to requests for records.

If you need a vaccination, booster, rabies titer, or TB test, please visit our Clinical Services page for information on making an appointment at HealthPartners, the University's designated occupational health care provider.

Respirator medical clearance and fit testing

If you will be wearing a respirator in any of your work at the University, you must first be medically cleared. Please fill out this web form to request access to the online respirator medical questionnaire.

Further information about respirator use at the University can be found here.


If you have a question regarding your requirements, submitting records, or making an appointment, please contact UHS-OH directly at 612-626-5008 or