Training Resources

University Health and Safety is available to partner with any University department or location to assist in complying with health and safety training requirements. We can train on topics such as Minnesota Employee Right to Know Act (MERTKA), Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space Entry, Electrical Safety and Hazard Recognition, Powered Industrial Truck/Forklift, Aerial Lifts, and nearly all other safety-related topics. 

In most cases, training is provided free of charge. Contact University Health and Safety at or 612-626-5008.

Fact Sheets and Toolbox Talks

University Health and Safety has developed a series of Fact Sheets and Toolbox Talks on various health and safety topics. Some topics may have both a related Fact Sheet AND a Toolbox Talk. For other topics, it may be appropriate to have only one or the other.

Fact Sheets:

  • Are for use by supervisors, managers, and safety staff.
  • Are intended to provide easy-to-understand explanations of a particular compliance area, and what must be done to address the issue and/or comply with a regulation.
  • Generally do not provide information that would be useful to individual employees and are not a good tool to use for training.

Toolbox Talks:

  • Are intended to provide information that would be useful and beneficial to individual employees.
  • Contain very little information about the actual OSHA regulations or requirements placed on the employer.
  • Focus on what an employee must know about a specific type of hazard or compliance area.

Using Toolbox Talks for Training
Locations are strongly encouraged to begin providing brief weekly or monthly documented training sessions using Toolbox Talks or other suitable information. Each Toolbox Talk has an attendance page for documenting training. When Toolbox Talks are used for training, please be sure to attach the attendance page to the rest of the Toolbox Talk. Keep these records with other safety training records.

If you need assistance with required training programs or would like us to generate a Fact Sheet or Toolbox Talk on another topic, please contact us at or 612-626-5008.

Fact Sheets (pdf)

Aerial Lifts

Agriculture-related Safety Training

Agricultural Tractor Safety

Anhydrous Ammonia

AWAIR (A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program)

Carbon Monoxide

Confined Space Entry

First Reports of Injury (FROI) and OSHA Injury and Illness Logs

The Grain-Handling Safety Regulation vs. the Permit-Required Confined Space Regulation

Heat-Related Illnesses

Laboratory Animal Allergens and Respiratory Protection


Lyme Disease

Minnesota Employee Right to Know Act (MERTKA)


Toolbox Talks (pdf)

Aerial Lifts

Anhydrous Ammonia

Agricultural Tractor Safety

Bird and Bat Droppings

Carbon Monoxide

Entering and Working in Grain Storage Structures

Farmstead and Farm Field Equipment

Heat-Related Illness

Laboratory Animal Allergens and Respiratory Protection

Lyme Disease


Slips, Trips, and Falls

Solvents and Flammable Liquids