NERS Instructions

Fairview Research Administration confirms and tracks immunizations and TB testing for Non-Fairview Employed Research Staff (NERS). As of summer 2014, University Health and Safety - Occupational Health (UHS-OH) has managed medical surveillance (tracking) of these immunization and test records for University employees.

Detailed information about your specific requirements can be found on Fairview's NERS instructions page.

Required Immunizations and tests

Please fax a copy of an official clinic record, international immunization card, or record from an official state immunization database to 612-626-9643, UHS-OH's confidential, secure fax. We also accept records by email at, although email cannot be guaranteed as completely secure.

To authorize your health care provider to release your immunization history to UHS-OH, fill out the Authorization for the Release of Health Information and send it to your health care provider. Do not send this form to UHS-OH. Please note that some providers may take 2 weeks or more to respond to requests for records.

If you need a vaccination, booster, titer, or TB test, please visit our Clinical Services page for information on making an appointment at HealthPartners, the University's designated occupational health care provider. Your department must provide an EFS string to Occupational Health to cover the cost of the required services.

Your completed immunization and test information can be viewed on the OHS Portal.


Hepatitis B declination forms are available from the Fairview Research Administration office or online here.


If you have a question about the NERS program or your requirements, please contact Natalie Berres at ( or 612-672-7647, or UHS-OH at or 612-626-5886. There is also information at Fairview's Non-Employed Research Staff website.