School of Veterinary Medicine Instructions - DVM Students

Insurance Coverage for Student Rabies Immunizations

We recommend that you verify with your insurance provider that the pre-exposure rabies series is covered by your policy, and that you verify clinic locations where you may receive the covered immunization series.

Out of Pocket Options

Boynton Health Service and HealthPartners Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinics are two options for receiving the rabies series or titer and paying out of pocket. The fees for these services are outlined below:

Boynton Health Service
Contact Boynton for current pricing.

HealthPartners Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinics
$315 per shot or $945 for the series
$75 for the titer

Scheduling: Please call 952-883-6999. You will need to identify yourself as a UMN Vet Med Student who will be paying out of pocket for the service.

Locations: Please see our Clinical Services page.

Compliance Tracking

For compliance tracking purposes, students in the DVM program are responsible for submitting a copy of your rabies series record including the date you received each immunization of the series to University Health and Safety—Occupational Health (UHS-OH). UHS-OH will document your compliance and provide your program with reports on your compliance status.

Instructions on Submitting Records: There are four ways to submit your records to OHS:

Via fax at 612-626-9643. This is a confidential fax in a secured location.

In person. W-144, Boynton Health Service, 410 Church St. SE. Please place in a sealed envelope marked "UHS-Occupational Health."

Via campus mail.
University Health and Safety-Occupational Health
N-302 Boyn HS

Via U.S. Mail.
University Health and Safety-Occupational Health
410 Church St. SE, W-144
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Via email at Email is not a guaranteed secure way to transmit private information.

Please contact UHS-OH at 612-626-5008 or with any questions regarding HealthPartners rabies immunization scheduling or compliance tracking.