Biosafety Level 3


All visitors to the University of Minnesota who need access to BSL3 areas must fill out the BSL3 Visitor Form.

Medical Questionnaire

BSL-3 Medical Questionnaire

The purpose of this form is to obtain information about your personal health and work exposures, which will be used by the Occupational Health Professional (OHP) to make an accurate assessment of your ability to safely work with biological and chemical agents in the BSL-3 laboratory. Your supervisor will not see this form. The OHP will evaluate the information on this form and document for you and your supervisor any work restrictions or protective measures to be followed. If restrictions and/or protective measures are required, it is the University’s expectation that you will comply.

Training Requirements

Training Requirements Overview

Respirator requirements

Please see our Respiratory Protection Program page for information on fulfilling Respirator Medical Clearance and/or Fit Testing requirements.

Agent-specific Occupational Health and Safety Plans

Bacillus anthracis

Rickettsia rickettsii

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Links and Resources

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories